About Us


With 1800 individual clematis representing over 800 taxa, that is, distinct species or cultivated varieties (cultivars), the Rogerson Clematis Garden contains the most comprehensive collection of clematis within a public garden in North America. Started by Brewster Rogerson in 1971, the collection contains unique and exceptionally rare plants, as well as historic clematis and the newest hybrids. See our list of holdings, which includes all of the plants in our garden as well as our greenhouse.

The Rogerson Clematis Garden is located at Luscher Farm: 125 Rosemont Road, West Linn, OR 97068. It's open to visitors every day from dawn to dusk.

Our Mission and Board

The Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection (FRCC) was formed in 2005 to ensure that Brewster Rogerson’s amazing collection of clematis would be maintained and nurtured over time. Since 2005, the collection has grown from a group of beautiful plants in pots to an assemblage of beautiful plants in a delightful garden.

Our mission is to preserve and foster the Rogerson Clematis Collection in a permanent home, observing its longtime objectives of assembling and maintaining as comprehensive a collection of the genus Clematis as possible, for the advancement of botanical and horticultural research and education and pleasure of all who visit.

The Friends group is guided by a Board of Directors:

Kevin Carr
Bruce Chase
Nancy Gronowski, Past President
Kathy Hemphill
Sylvia Hoffman, Treasurer
Margo House, Volunteer Coordinator
Phyllis McCanna, President
Paula Scott, Membership Coordinator
Susan Toler, Greenhouse Manager
Dina Trachta

Kathy Whitman, Recording Secretary

Other Roles

Linda Beutler, Curator

Nancy Stanton-Chek, Garden Manager


From a Collection to a Garden

Brewster Rogerson, founder of the collection, was first drawn to clematis because of their incredible diversity. While still a professor of English at Kansas State University, he bought a few vines on impulse in 1971 and ended up spending the rest of his life collecting specimens from all over the world. Over the years he became a leading expert in the species and was a founding member of the International Clematis Society, for which he wrote 100 “Clematis of the Month” articles, starting in 1997.

In search of a climate conducive to growing clematis, Brewster moved to Oregon in 1981, shortly after he retired. Bringing his entire collection with him, he moved first to Eugene. Then in 1986, through the generosity of Bob Gutmann, he was able to house the collection at Gutmann Nursery in North Plains, west of Portland.

In 2005, Brewster transferred ownership of the collection to the newly-formed nonprofit Friends of the Rogerson Clematis Collection. When the collection threatened to outgrow its home at Gutmann Nursery, the Friends group was fortunate to find a home with the City of Lake Oswego at Luscher Farm, a farm-park on the outskirts of the city and part of Lake Oswego’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Brewster Rogerson remained actively involved with the collection and the garden until his health began to fail. Brewster passed away at the age of 94 in May 2015. His dedication and love for clematis created a legacy that is now permanently housed in a beautiful garden for all to visit and enjoy.

The Rogerson Clematis Collection is located at Luscher Farm, part of Lake Oswego's Parks and Recreation Department.

The Rogerson Clematis Collection is located at Luscher Farm, part of Lake Oswego's Parks and Recreation Department.