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C. 'Omoshiro'

C. 'Omoshiro'

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Clematis Sponsorship

'Daniel Deronda'

'Daniel Deronda'

Contribute directly to the care and feeding of one particular clematis plant for a year with our "Clematis Sponsorship" program. The Rogerson Clematis Collection is full of rare species and hard-to-find cultivars that need extra attention. Each sponsor will receive a specimen of the clematis they support.

In March of each year potential cultivars and species for this program are evaluated for health and vigor, and a list of available taxa is posted here. The list includes how many "give-away" plants are available for each variety. Once a clematis disappears from the list, it means we can accept no more sponsorships for that taxon, because we have no more young plants to provide to sponsors. In addition to knowing your sponsorship has directly benefited a particular clematis within the collection, we also offer also the joy of expanding your own clematis garden with something unusual and beautiful. You may register for a sponsorship from April through June.

Sponsorships for 2016 are open! Register Now!

To enroll, email, put "sponsorship" in the subject line. We will send you the pdf form to download and return with your check.

This year's list, updated March 22:

  • 1 'Esprit': This cultivar began its life as a volunteer seedling, and was selected and named by Brewster Rogerson. It begins flowering in late March and continues into early September. The flowers reflect its presumed parents, 'Jacqueline de Pre' x 'Clochette Pride'.
  • 1 'Kryspina': This is a small-flowered hybrid from the late large-flowered group, bred in Poland by Brother Stefan Franczak. You will notice all of the pictures of it on Clematis-on-the-Web came from the Rogerson Clematis Garden.
  • 4 'Prins Hendrik': This heirloom large-flowered hybrid from Germany has fallen out of the American trade for no good reason. The lavender-blue flowers can be very large.
  • 14 'Regina': A vigorous large-flowered hybrid bred by Brother Stefan Franczak. Although the picture at Clematis-on-the-Web is under Marczynski, it is the same plant as ours. We have propagated it both from divisions and cuttings, so we have many to share with sponsors.
  • 1 'Skylark': This is an herbaceous perennial clematis selected from a trial of seedlings grown from one seed head from a normal specimen of Clematis integrifolia. This variation is sky blue with flippy sepals, like wings. Brewster allowed our curator to name it.
  • 3 Clematis vinacea: This is the newest clematis species to be documented in the USA. You will certainly be the first on your block to have one, unless you live in NW Georgia! This species straddles the fence between herbaceous perennial and vine. It flowers early on short stems (~3 feet tall), then climbs and flowers again! (at 5 feet tall!)  Grown from seed from isolated specimens.
  • 3 Clematis macropetala 'Wesselton': This clematis has the distinction of being the final cultivar introduced by the great British nurseryman Jim Fisk. Jim was a great friend of Brewster's, hence it is also growing in the Founder's Garden. It is named for the village where Jim lived and had his nursery.

As clematis break dormancy, more options may be added to the list, but no later than April 22nd.

As a Sponsor you will receive:

  • Certificate of Sponsorship — includes your plant’s unique inventory number so you know exactly which clematis you are supporting.

  • Picture of your clematis in bloom.

  • Regular updates:

    • When it is pruned, weeded or fertilized.

    • Where it is planted in the Clematis Gardens at Luscher Farm.

    • Bloom updates (so you can visit, if only virtually!)

  • Sponsor’s sign with your name on it, displayed with "your" clematis, unless you prefer anonymity — let us know!

  • Invitation to a "Sponsor" party so you can meet other clematis sponsors and the volunteers who maintain your plant.

Under your sponsorship, the care of your clematis is ensured for the year. You will receive a young plant to grow in your garden, which you may pick-up at the Gutmann Greenhouse at Luscher Farm, or we will mail it to you within the United States. We are sorry that international shipping is not possible at this time.

Should the unthinkable happen and your sponsored plant perishes for any reason, your sponsorship covers the replacement of the clematis.


  • $50.00 per year for FRCC members

  • $85.00 per year for non-members (includes a one year membership at the individual rate of $35.00)

Sponsorship starts when your registration form and payment are received.

To sponsor a clematis, or get more information about available plants, contact us at