The Collector's Corner


There is a new feature within the Bob & Carol Gutmann Greenhouse at the Rogerson Clematis Garden. Our sales area now features premium clematis, both species and cultivars, that we guarantee you won't see on your neighbor's lamp post! In this special area we will showcase the newest species, unusual small and large-flowered hybrids, and antique varieties that seem to have fallen out of the US trade. We don't want to be the only source of anything, and to that end, we also share these plants with retail partner nurseries. In fact, if our partner retail nurseries begin to sell these plants, we will lower our price and move them to the regular sales area!

But for now, these special plants are available at $35.00 each for a finished (meaning ready-to-plant) #1 pot. We do not ship mail-order, these plants will not be transported to off-site sales, and we will not hold plants for anyone (paid for in advance or not). We do guarantee them to be true to name. We hope you will find this an even greater incentive to visit, and that you will consider the premium price a gift of support, an acknowledgement of the value of our remarkable clematis collection and garden.

Clematis macropetala 'Wesselton' will be available for sale in the Collector's Corner.

Clematis macropetala 'Wesselton' will be available for sale in the Collector's Corner.

Here is a list of the clematis that will be available the next time the Collector's Corner is open on April21, 2017:

'Duchess of Waverly' (Our coveted signature plant, with beginnings in Milwaukie, Oregon! Brewster met the originator, Lorraine Arnold Bybee on his first trip west.)

SOLD OUT Temporarily 'Esprit' (Originally a seedling from the RCC named by Brewster Rogerson.) This plant is pictured below on the left.

C. florida var. flore-pleno 'Plena' (The double white form of Clematis florida.)

'Fond Memories' (A great favorite, originally a gift to Brewster from Sharon Kaito.)

'Hainton Ruby' (A rarely offered red large-flowered hybrid)

SOLD OUT Temporarily C. macropetala 'Wesselton' (The final clematis introduction from Jim Fisk.)

SOLD OUT Temporarily 'Miranda' (The darker sibling of 'Arabella')

'Prins Hendrik' (A rare antique large-flowered hybrid from Germany, 1908.)

'Regina' (Another lovely introduction from the renowned Brother Stefan Franczak.)

SOLD OUT Temporarily 'Sharpie' (Perhaps Brewster Rogerson's favorite of the seedlings rescued in the collection—named by him and introduced by FRCC.)

SOLD OUT Temporarily C. texensis (These have flowered; their coloration is on the label.)

C. vinacea (We are the second source to offer this new clematis species from the USA.) This plant is pictured below on the right.



 'Esprit' (left), Clematis vinacea (right)


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